Wednesday Jun 3, 2015 by Eric in Miscellaneous

Never forget a follow up again

With our Autopilot triggers, you can now auto-schedule follow up tasks when leads are entered, as well as when lead and deal statuses are changed.

And with our standard plan, you can limit lead access by sales agent, so they can only see their own assigned leads.

Step up your game from using Excel spreadsheets, post-its and email and move your sales team to the Lead Zeppelin.

Monday Jun 16, 2014 by Eric in Miscellaneous, News

Custom Tags in Responder Emails

Hey Zeppelin Fans, we wanted to share an update for those of you using our web to lead form capture feature. Now, you can add variables to your confirmation emails!

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 10.47.40 PM

  • {firstname}
  • {lastname}
  • {fullname}
  • {company}
  • {source}

Now you can make that confirmation email a little bit more personal, by including bits of information you collected from your prospects and leads.

Need help setting up a lead gen form or your confirmation emails? Contact us!

Sunday Sep 5, 2010 by Eric in Miscellaneous

Should You Leave a Voicemail?

From the excellent Win Without Pitching blog, Blair Enns lays out a 4-touch follow-up plan for prospects:

  1. 1st touch – Voicemail
  2. 2nd touch – email; within 48 hours of 1st touch
  3. 3rd touch – Voicemail (1-3 days later)
  4. 4th touch – email (1-2 days later)

We use a similar system with our own Lead Zeppelin account. And, rather than pre-load all the tasks, we just add them after noting each follow up, since the duration may vary and we might move the prospect to the next phase earlier than expected.

What’s your follow up routine?

Thursday Jan 21, 2010 by Eric in Miscellaneous

Crusty leads? Time to re-engage!

Over at the B2B Lead Gen blog, Brian Carroll proposes:

I’d like to share what we learned from a lead re-engagement test we just completed for a large communications company. We tested a lead nurturing program to re-engage the following types of “old” leads:

  1. Leads that were “open” but not touched by a sales person in 90+ days
  2. Leads worked by sales but marked as “closed – lost” meaning they didn’t buy

We started with a simple multi-touch lead nurturing program that included: a 3 touch email track, the emails connected to educational articles, and our teleprospecting team made follow-up calls (based on email engagement replies, clicks and opens).

After their 10-week test, they found the old leads had a 10% higher conversion rate than recent leads.