Monday Nov 2, 2015 by Eric in How To

5 Ways to Use Tags

In keeping with the tag theme this week, here are five ways you can start using tags in your CRM to help manage your leads:

  1. Region or Location
    You might have captured your lead’s address, city or state, but it may be handy tag them as Midwest, West Coast, or Non-US for example.

  2. Industry Influencers
    Is the lead a prominent expert in their field or vertical? Tag them as Influencer, Legal Expert, or Tech Guru to find them quickly.

  3. Industry Events or Sponsors
    Remember which contacts you met at last fall’s tech event by tagging them Techweek for example. Or keep track of event sponsors by tagging them as such.

  4. Partners
    Need someone to help close a deal? Tag these special folks as Partners, Agency or Affiliate.

  5. PR and Media
    When you need to get the word out, tag your media contacts appropriately. Also handy to add their Twitter handles in their profile too, for quick access later.


How do you use tags? Let us know in the comments!




Thursday Jun 25, 2015 by Eric in How To, News

Prepare to Dock

When we first created Lead Zeppelin, it was to answer the needs of our clients at our agency, cre8. Everyone wanted something simple, basic and easy to use.

No one wanted something complicated to set up or configure. There were other CRMs out there, and even more choices today. But each one didn’t quite have a feature we needed, or had parts we didn’t like. Continue reading Prepare to Dock

Saturday Aug 21, 2010 by Eric in How To, News

View Only Assigned Leads

This has been one of our most popular requests. We’ve had the ability to assign a lead to another user for awhile, but our customers have been asking to create permissions so that your users can only see the leads assigned to them. Now you can, by editing your user’s Permissions:

Checking Assigned Leads will filter what your users’ see, only showing them leads (as well as associated tasks and files) that they have been assigned.

Monday May 10, 2010 by Eric in How To, News

Task Zombies: Undo and Resurrection

We recently added filters to the Tasks section of Lead Zeppelin, now we’re back with more. In the event that you’ve accidentally checked off a task as completed, or are just lazy and want to recycle/reuse your tasks, you can get them back by accessing your task graveyard by filtering your tasks by completed to see them.

You’ll now see them in all their checked-off glory. To reinstate or reuse one, simply uncheck the task, and poof, it’s zapped back to your open tasks list.