Wednesday May 2, 2018 by Eric in Features, News

Email Delivery Stats, Better Testing and GDPR help

We added a few new features to the emails section in Lead Zeppelin last month for your enjoyment.

Email Delivery Stats

First, when you go to your Emails in the settings area, you’ll now see stats for total number of emails sent as well as their corresponding open rate to give you a better idea of how they’re doing.

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Tuesday Oct 18, 2016 by Eric in Features, News

New Deal Stats

We like to stick to basics around here, but some Zeppelin fans have asked for some more stats on your deals, and we listened!

We’ve added Average Days to Close to your Deals page, as well as Probability % to your individual deals.

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Sunday Jul 12, 2015 by Eric in Features

Prospect’s on the phone. Who’s got the deal details?

When you get a client or prospect on the phone you haven’t spoken to in a while, you want to quickly see their key info, and if they have anything in the pipeline.

On your person and company contacts pages, you’ll see a Deal Revenue box on the right sidebar. This clearly shows you the number and total value of any past deals with this contact, as well as any potential deals in the pipeline. Related deals are listed just below. Continue reading Prospect’s on the phone. Who’s got the deal details?

Saturday Jan 31, 2015 by Eric in Features, News

Sales Managers, put your Zeppelin on Autopilot

If you find yourself repeating the same actions over and over like creating similar tasks when adding a lead or a deal, you’ll really like our latest feature, Autopilot.

With Autopilot, you can now trigger certain actions, like adding a task, firing off an email, or doing a callback request (in beta, contact us if you’d like to be in on it!).

autopilot set up

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Sunday Nov 23, 2014 by Eric in Features, News

Add contacts to Mailchimp and Lead Zeppelin with the same web form


If you already have a Mailchimp account set up, or are thinking about one, now you don’t need to capture your leads and add them to your Mailchimp lists separately!

To set this up, you just need to head over to the APIs page in your Account Settings section. You can enter your Mailchimp API Key in the field there to get things started.

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Sunday Sep 15, 2013 by Eric in Features, News

People Have Arrived

We’d like to let you know about some recent changes to the Lead Zeppelin site, if you haven’t noticed already.

New People tab and filtersNew People Tab
The Contact and Lead tabs have been combined into a new tab called People. When clicking over to the new People tab, you’ll notice a few things. You can quickly access your leads or contacts as you previously have, by simply checking their box in the Type section in the filters.

We’ve also added a new type for Customer, so you can now convert or move your leads to a customer after you’ve closed them to continue to service them in Lead Zeppelin, while preserving any information gathered during the sales process.
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Sunday Jan 6, 2013 by Eric in Features, News

Quick Assign and Customizable Columns

Happy New Year from the crew at Lead Zeppelin!

We wanted to share a couple recent updates with you that we think you’ll really like.

Quick Assign for Leads

lead assignment dropdown

That’s right, no more clicking into the leads. Now you can assign your leads to the rest of your crew en masse right from the lead list main page. Thanks go out to Lead Zeppelin user IASG over in hanger 67 for this great suggestion.


Customizable Columns

Customizable Columns


It’s your Zeppelin, so take control! Now you can define which columns you’d like to see on your Leads and Contacts pages. This also includes any custom fields you may have added.

Improved Custom Field Handling with Imports

Have a lead list you’d like to to import, but have some extra fields that you don’t see in our defaults? No problem, friend! Just add your fields in our custom fields manager and make sure your column names match in your CSV file before importing and you’re set.

Onboarding Help

One of our resolutions this year is to help you get the most out of Lead Zeppelin. If you need help getting started, either with importing/adding your leads, adding salespeople, or adding a form to your website using our forms or our API, let us know and we’d be happy to get you going.