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Happy Lead Zeppelin User

Kind words from Lead Zeppelin user Jerry Ogle:

“I am loving this Leadzep software program! It’s so easy to use and it meets every need I have for growing our property rental business. I really appreciate you working with my assistant and tweaking your software to allow us to enter and view names the way we needed. It was a big help.”

Wednesday Feb 10, 2010 by Eric in Case Studies

Case Study: Know Your Options

Know Your Options

Tell us a little about yourself and your business.

Mike Cavanaugh worked on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade as a broker and a floor trader from 1997 to 2003. At the CBOT he provided market insight to clients from the wheat and bond pits. Beginning in 2003, Mike brokered futures and options on futures for individual clients and professional investors off the floor.

Mike Cavanaugh

Mike has been Series 3 licensed since 1998. He obtained the Series 7 and 63 in 2004, and the Series 65 in 2007. Mike graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Madison in 1997.
Currently he operates as a Registered Representative and as an investment advisor for the Discretionary Option Spread Strategy (DOSS) program.

Know Your Options was founded in 2006 to serve individual investors as well as managed accounts. KYO gives you the flexibility of trading your own accounts, getting portfolio guidance or full account management.

What made you decide to start using Lead Zeppelin CRM?

The CRM we were using was 3x the price and the information was very hard to interpret. Enter Lead Zeppelin CRM, 1/3 the price and information easily accessible and just as easy to understand.

Describe how you use Lead Zeppelin CRM and how it fits within your [Sales] workflow.

We use Lead Zep in a number of ways. We have multiple sign up pages on our website, so as a client sign-ups for a webinar, or portfolio review, it is automatically uploaded to Lead Zep. We can then assign that to a specific sales person, and keep track of the progress. We have also integrated some of our current contacts into the system for the same reasons.

What do you like most about Lead Zeppelin CRM?

It’s easy and cost effective.

Has Lead Zeppelin CRM Helped your business?

Yes. It has helped us refine our sales process. We are less scattered and way more organized.