Sunday Dec 27, 2015 by Eric in News

Task Reminder Emails

Just in time for your New Year’s resolution to close more leads, we’ve added a daily email reminder for your tasks that day. You can find this in your Profile > Preferences section. Just check the box to turn them off or on.


email task reminders


Sunday Sep 5, 2010 by Eric in Miscellaneous

Should You Leave a Voicemail?

From the excellent Win Without Pitching blog, Blair Enns lays out a 4-touch follow-up plan for prospects:

  1. 1st touch – Voicemail
  2. 2nd touch – email; within 48 hours of 1st touch
  3. 3rd touch – Voicemail (1-3 days later)
  4. 4th touch – email (1-2 days later)

We use a similar system with our own Lead Zeppelin account. And, rather than pre-load all the tasks, we just add them after noting each follow up, since the duration may vary and we might move the prospect to the next phase earlier than expected.

What’s your follow up routine?

Monday May 10, 2010 by Eric in How To, News

Task Zombies: Undo and Resurrection

We recently added filters to the Tasks section of Lead Zeppelin, now we’re back with more. In the event that you’ve accidentally checked off a task as completed, or are just lazy and want to recycle/reuse your tasks, you can get them back by accessing your task graveyard by filtering your tasks by completed to see them.

You’ll now see them in all their checked-off glory. To reinstate or reuse one, simply uncheck the task, and poof, it’s zapped back to your open tasks list.

Saturday Apr 17, 2010 by Eric in News

Task Filters Added!

Its easy to add a task from a lead or a deal, but until now, its been difficult to clearly see who’s doing what.

We’ve just added some filters to the main Tasks page that let you sort tasks by who they were assigned to. And, your tasks can be filtered by upcoming and completed too, so you can see what got completed as well.

Task Filters

We hope you like these changes. Have something you’d like added to your Zeppelin? Let us know!

Thursday Jan 14, 2010 by Eric in Features, News

Organize your contacts by Company

We’ve added a category for Companies to the Lead Zeppelin CRM. Now, you can add information for your contact’s and lead’s companies. People can be associated to a Company and will be listed along the right sidebar.

Company Detail

What’s more, you can add notes, attach files and add tasks for a Company, just like you do for Leads and Contacts!

Company Sidebar

Monday Dec 14, 2009 by Eric in Features

Set follow up tasks

If there’s one thing I’ve heard from our customers, is that when it comes to lead generation and nurturing, they admittedly suck at follow up.

Now that we’ve rolled out a simple CRM that meets the needs of many small businesses, especially with our own integrated web-to-lead forms, the next feature was obvious. Tasks!

Add a task

We already automagically fire off a confirmation email to your prospects immediately after they fill out your form helping you look more pro. After you’ve contacted and qualified the prospect, you can now add follow up tasks such as emailing or calling them. Depending on your sales process, you may have other steps along the way, like meetings, reviewing proposals and more.