Tuesday Oct 18, 2016 by Eric in Features, News

New Deal Stats

We like to stick to basics around here, but some Zeppelin fans have asked for some more stats on your deals, and we listened!

We’ve added Average Days to Close to your Deals page, as well as Probability % to your individual deals.

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Sunday Jul 12, 2015 by Eric in Features

Prospect’s on the phone. Who’s got the deal details?

When you get a client or prospect on the phone you haven’t spoken to in a while, you want to quickly see their key info, and if they have anything in the pipeline.

On your person and company contacts pages, you’ll see a Deal Revenue box on the right sidebar. This clearly shows you the number and total value of any past deals with this contact, as well as any potential deals in the pipeline. Related deals are listed just below. Continue reading Prospect’s on the phone. Who’s got the deal details?

Friday Oct 11, 2013 by Eric in News

Updated Permissions

We just recently updated some new features and permissions you might want know about.

When we rolled out the new People tab a few weeks ago, consolidating the leads and contacts tab, we spun off a new ‘type’ category for your People, called Customer. So now, you can classify a person as a Customer, Lead or a Contact. Continue reading Updated Permissions

Thursday Aug 12, 2010 by Eric in News

Get a Bird’s Eye View of Companies

Looking for a way to see all the companies that you do business with? Look no more! Click on the Contacts tab and there on the right sidebar, you’ll see a link to View Company Directory

If you’ve specified a Company for any of your leads or contacts, they’ll show up here. You can manage company-level information on their company screen, as well as notes, attachments and files, just like you do for your contacts and leads.

Any and all people that you’ve associated to a particular company will be listed and linked on the right sidebar of the company profile screen.

Coming soon: ability to associate a Deal to a Company

Monday Jan 18, 2010 by Eric in Features, News

Filters added For Leads and Deals

Last week we rolled out a much needed function to our Leads and Deals list screens. Filters! Yep, now you can select what lead or deals you’d like to see based on their status. And not by only one either, you can filter by multiple status.


Bonus: For some quick stats, a current count of how many records exist will be shown after each status as a type.

“Rocking! I really like it.”
– Cliff H.

Monday Dec 21, 2009 by Eric in Features, News

What’s the Deal?

We just added Deals this past weekend to Lead Zeppelin. What’s the difference between Leads and Deals? Well, Deals may not be for everyone, it really depends on your business.

Screen shot 2009-12-21 at 5.35.21 PM

You see, some online CRM apps have Deals (aka Opportunities) and others have Leads, and some have both. Now, if you’re a financial advisor, for example, you may just need to use Leads, and mark them as Customer or convert them to a Contact once you’ve closed them.

On the other hand, if you’re a contractor and find yourself submitting bids to customers more than once, you may want to use Deals. You’re really trying to sell the project, or Deal, to the person (a Contact). Even in this scenario, you’d probably want to qualify a lead first (making them a Contact), before you’d write a proposal for a project for them. Make sense?

We do want to keep Lead Zeppelin as simple as possible, but we felt that Deals were an important inclusion for some of our customer types. Please, let us know what you think in the comments.