Friday Oct 11, 2013 by Eric in News

Updated Permissions

We just recently updated some new features and permissions you might want know about.

When we rolled out the new People tab a few weeks ago, consolidating the leads and contacts tab, we spun off a new ‘type’ category for your People, called Customer. So now, you can classify a person as a Customer, Lead or a Contact. Continue reading Updated Permissions

Thursday Aug 12, 2010 by Eric in News

Get a Bird’s Eye View of Companies

Looking for a way to see all the companies that you do business with? Look no more! Click on the Contacts tab and there on the right sidebar, you’ll see a link to View Company Directory

If you’ve specified a Company for any of your leads or contacts, they’ll show up here. You can manage company-level information on their company screen, as well as notes, attachments and files, just like you do for your contacts and leads.

Any and all people that you’ve associated to a particular company will be listed and linked on the right sidebar of the company profile screen.

Coming soon: ability to associate a Deal to a Company

Thursday Jan 14, 2010 by Eric in Features, News

Organize your contacts by Company

We’ve added a category for Companies to the Lead Zeppelin CRM. Now, you can add information for your contact’s and lead’s companies. People can be associated to a Company and will be listed along the right sidebar.

Company Detail

What’s more, you can add notes, attach files and add tasks for a Company, just like you do for Leads and Contacts!

Company Sidebar