Wednesday Jun 15, 2016 by Eric in News

IP Address Tracking added to Docking API

We’ve just added IP Address tracking to the Docking API. Once you have the script added to your website, your logged in visitors’ IP will pass thru to their contact record in Lead Zeppelin.

We’ve also linked the IP Address so you can obtain more information about it from a 3rd party website.


IP Address Tracking

Thursday Jun 25, 2015 by Eric in How To, News

Prepare to Dock

When we first created Lead Zeppelin, it was to answer the needs of our clients at our agency, cre8. Everyone wanted something simple, basic and easy to use.

No one wanted something complicated to set up or configure. There were other CRMs out there, and even more choices today. But each one didn’t quite have a feature we needed, or had parts we didn’t like. Continue reading Prepare to Dock

Sunday Nov 23, 2014 by Eric in Features, News

Add contacts to Mailchimp and Lead Zeppelin with the same web form


If you already have a Mailchimp account set up, or are thinking about one, now you don’t need to capture your leads and add them to your Mailchimp lists separately!

To set this up, you just need to head over to the APIs page in your Account Settings section. You can enter your Mailchimp API Key in the field there to get things started.

Continue reading Add contacts to Mailchimp and Lead Zeppelin with the same web form