The fastest way to ease your burden is to delegate some of your work and assign leads and projects to other members on your team.

Are the Leads Qualified?
First, are the leads qualified though? 61% of B2B companies send all leads to sales but only 27% are qualified. (via Marketing Sherpa)

Free-for-all or Assign?
For support purposes, sometimes it is advantageous to expose all issues or tickets to your team so everyone can see what’s in the queue and the next available person can take an open issue.

Not always the case with sales. The sales manager may want to dole out leads as they come in, assigning leads based on source or the expertise of the salesperson. If this describes you, you’ll want to look for a CRM that allows you assign leads to a single salesperson so that whole sales team can’t see all the leads.

Make the Grade
Grading your leads also may help with finding the best leads. You may be already scoring your leads, but grading adds another dimension. If you decide to use a letter system for your grades, these are some typical criteria to get you started:

  • Company Size: Each range goes up a letter grade
  • Department: Based on your targets, this can increase a letter grade or two
  • Industry: Bump a letter grade depending on your targets
  • Location: Depending on your targets, this can bump up a letter
  • Title: Important, can scale up a letter grade or two

Better systems can also provide reporting so you can get a birds-eye view of how many leads your salespeople have at a particular time and who’s more efficient, either via closing ratio stats or days-to-close.

Worms for the Early Birds
But don’t dilly dally, 24% of firms take more than 24 hours to respond to a fresh lead, and 23% of companies never respond at all! Responding within an hour increases your odds of lead qualification by seven times.