Have some of your sales reps gotten tag happy in your account, making tags not so helpful anymore? We’ve just added a Tag Manager to the Settings section to help with that.

You can now see all the tags in use in your account, as well as a count for each type they’re being used for. They’re also linked so you can quickly jump to one and see which leads, companies or deals are using that tag.

Now you can quickly delete any unused tags in your account, and tidy up the filters on your People tab while you’re at it.


tag manager


Not using tags yet? Entrepreneur has this to say about ’em:

How do you save those interesting bits of information about customers and prospects? If you tag your records with the names of your competitors on deals, what their objections are, whether they’ll be a referral or not, which products they already own and so on, you can then find those detail fast in the future. This allows you to leverage what you learn in order to be more successful.

Read their 10 Ways to Better Manage Sales Leads for more.