Custom Tags in Responder Emails

Hey Zeppelin Fans, we wanted to share an update for those of you using our web to lead form capture feature. Now, you can add variables to your confirmation emails!

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 10.47.40 PM

  • {firstname}
  • {lastname}
  • {fullname}
  • {company}
  • {source}

Now you can make that confirmation email a little bit more personal, by including bits of information you collected from your prospects and leads.

Need help setting up a lead gen form or your confirmation emails? Contact us!


Updated Permissions

We just recently updated some new features and permissions you might want know about.

When we rolled out the new People tab a few weeks ago, consolidating the leads and contacts tab, we spun off a new ‘type’ category for your People, called Customer. So now, you can classify a person as a Customer, Lead or a Contact. Read the rest of this entry »


People Have Arrived

We’d like to let you know about some recent changes to the Lead Zeppelin site, if you haven’t noticed already.

New People tab and filtersNew People Tab
The Contact and Lead tabs have been combined into a new tab called People. When clicking over to the new People tab, you’ll notice a few things. You can quickly access your leads or contacts as you previously have, by simply checking their box in the Type section in the filters.

We’ve also added a new type for Customer, so you can now convert or move your leads to a customer after you’ve closed them to continue to service them in Lead Zeppelin, while preserving any information gathered during the sales process.
Read the rest of this entry »


Quick Assign and Customizable Columns

Happy New Year from the crew at Lead Zeppelin!

We wanted to share a couple recent updates with you that we think you’ll really like.

Quick Assign for Leads

lead assignment dropdown

That’s right, no more clicking into the leads. Now you can assign your leads to the rest of your crew en masse right from the lead list main page. Thanks go out to Lead Zeppelin user IASG over in hanger 67 for this great suggestion.


Customizable Columns

Customizable Columns


It’s your Zeppelin, so take control! Now you can define which columns you’d like to see on your Leads and Contacts pages. This also includes any custom fields you may have added.

Improved Custom Field Handling with Imports

Have a lead list you’d like to to import, but have some extra fields that you don’t see in our defaults? No problem, friend! Just add your fields in our custom fields manager¬†and make sure your column names match in your CSV file before importing and you’re set.

Onboarding Help

One of our resolutions this year is to help you get the most out of Lead Zeppelin. If you need help getting started, either with importing/adding your leads, adding salespeople, or adding a form to your website using our forms or our API, let us know and we’d be happy to get you going.



Happy Lead Zeppelin User

Kind words from Lead Zeppelin user Jerry Ogle:

“I am loving this Leadzep software program! It’s so easy to use and it meets every need I have for growing our property rental business. I really appreciate you working with my assistant and tweaking your software to allow us to enter and view names the way we needed. It was a big help.”


Menu Navigation Changes

We’ve recently moved rolled the Users and Account tabs into the account section. By clicking on your name or the Settings links in the header, you’ll be able to access your profile, account settings and users.

We’re doing a little housekeeping in the header area in preparation of new things to come!


Adding Deals

Some users have been asking about how to go about getting started with using Deals. Here are a couple quick points to get started using them effectively. Read the rest of this entry »


Currency Preference Added

currency preference setting
For our overseas travelers, we’ve added the ability to edit your Currency preference on the Account Overview Screen. Read the rest of this entry »


Filtered Exports Now Available

For your convenience, we’ve now added the ability to export your filtered lead lists. Read the rest of this entry »


Should You Leave a Voicemail?

From the excellent Win Without Pitching blog, Blair Enns lays out a 4-touch follow-up plan for prospects:

  1. 1st touch – Voicemail
  2. 2nd touch – email; within 48 hours of 1st touch
  3. 3rd touch – Voicemail (1-3 days later)
  4. 4th touch – email (1-2 days later)

We use a similar system with our own Lead Zeppelin account. And, rather than pre-load all the tasks, we just add them after noting each follow up, since the duration may vary and we might move the prospect to the next phase earlier than expected.

What’s your follow up routine?