Tuesday Sep 19, 2017 by Eric in Features, How To

Automate Reminder Tasks and Emails for Your Sales Team

Help keep your sales team on track by automating reminder tasks and emails.

Follow Ups

80% of sales require five follow up phone calls after the meeting. Yet, the average sales person only makes two attempts to reach a prospect.

With our Autopilot feature, you can set up triggers based on a variety of lead conditions such as date added or status. You could also automatically create five follow up tasks (spaced accordingly) when a new lead is added to make sure you’ve at least tried five times.

You’re nine times more likely to convert a web lead if you follow up within five minutes. With our web forms, a confirmation email can be triggered immediately after your web form is submitted.

No More Stale Leads

If a lead’s status is still “New” after seven days, you could create an email reminder or task to go out to the assigned sales team member for follow up. Or, as a sales manager, create alerts for yourself before sales leads go stale.


If you’re using our Docking feature, which connects to your website and passes back information you choose about logged-in users back to Lead Zeppelin, you can create triggers from just about anything.

Did the user just add their first item to a watch list? Send the user a congratulations email and nurture your sales leads through your sales funnel.

You can also alert your sales team to your lead’s activity, creating tasks for follow up phone calls after leads carry out key actions.

Need Help?

Contact us and we’d be happy to help get your first trigger set up!



Tuesday Oct 18, 2016 by Eric in Features, News

New Deal Stats

We like to stick to basics around here, but some Zeppelin fans have asked for some more stats on your deals, and we listened!

We’ve added Average Days to Close to your Deals page, as well as Probability % to your individual deals.

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Monday Sep 19, 2016 by Eric in News

Control lead access with our new Follower feature

Some CRMs won’t let you restrict visibility to a user’s leads, leaving them open for the whole team to view. We have you covered there, and always have. You can assign a lead to a user, and users can only see leads assigned to them.

But what about sales managers, compliance, or some non-sales person in your group that needs to see what’s going on with a particular lead?

We’ve added a new feature called Followers where you can grant restricted access on a lead-by-lead basis to other users in your account.

You’ll see a box on the right side of the contact’s page with a list of the users in your account. Check the box and they’ll be able to see the lead as well, even if they’re not assigned. They won’t be able to edit or delete any information from the record, just view it.


New Follower Feature


Wednesday Jun 15, 2016 by Eric in News

IP Address Tracking added to Docking API

We’ve just added IP Address tracking to the Docking API. Once you have the script added to your website, your logged in visitors’ IP will pass thru to their contact record in Lead Zeppelin.

We’ve also linked the IP Address so you can obtain more information about it from a 3rd party website.


IP Address Tracking

Sunday Dec 27, 2015 by Eric in News

Task Reminder Emails

Just in time for your New Year’s resolution to close more leads, we’ve added a daily email reminder for your tasks that day. You can find this in your Profile > Preferences section. Just check the box to turn them off or on.


email task reminders


Monday Nov 2, 2015 by Eric in How To

5 Ways to Use Tags

In keeping with the tag theme this week, here are five ways you can start using tags in your CRM to help manage your leads:

  1. Region or Location
    You might have captured your lead’s address, city or state, but it may be handy tag them as Midwest, West Coast, or Non-US for example.

  2. Industry Influencers
    Is the lead a prominent expert in their field or vertical? Tag them as Influencer, Legal Expert, or Tech Guru to find them quickly.

  3. Industry Events or Sponsors
    Remember which contacts you met at last fall’s tech event by tagging them Techweek for example. Or keep track of event sponsors by tagging them as such.

  4. Partners
    Need someone to help close a deal? Tag these special folks as Partners, Agency or Affiliate.

  5. PR and Media
    When you need to get the word out, tag your media contacts appropriately. Also handy to add their Twitter handles in their profile too, for quick access later.


How do you use tags? Let us know in the comments!