Wednesday May 9, 2018 by Eric in News

Preparing for GDPR

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) kicks in later this month on May 25th. We have been preparing for it and wanted to share what we’ve been doing and what it means for you.

First, the GDPR makes a distinction between data Controllers and Processors. You, our users, are Data Controllers. You determine what personal information you want to collect and how and where it is stored and processed. That makes us the Data Processor. We store the personal data that you collect and allow you to search and retrieve it.

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Wednesday May 2, 2018 by Eric in Features, News

Email Delivery Stats, Better Testing and GDPR help

We added a few new features to the emails section in Lead Zeppelin last month for your enjoyment.

Email Delivery Stats

First, when you go to your Emails in the settings area, you’ll now see stats for total number of emails sent as well as their corresponding open rate to give you a better idea of how they’re doing.

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Tuesday Oct 18, 2016 by Eric in Features, News

New Deal Stats

We like to stick to basics around here, but some Zeppelin fans have asked for some more stats on your deals, and we listened!

We’ve added Average Days to Close to your Deals page, as well as Probability % to your individual deals.

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Monday Sep 19, 2016 by Eric in News

Control lead access with our Follower feature

Some CRMs won’t let you restrict visibility to a user’s leads, leaving them open for the whole team to view. We have you covered there, and always have. You can assign a lead to a user, and users can only see leads assigned to them.

But what about sales managers, compliance, or some non-sales person in your group that needs to see what’s going on with a particular lead?

We’ve added a new feature called Followers where you can grant restricted access on a lead-by-lead basis to other users in your account.

You’ll see a box on the right side of the contact’s page with a list of the users in your account. Check the box and they’ll be able to see the lead as well, even if they’re not assigned. They won’t be able to edit or delete any information from the record, just view it.


New Follower Feature


Wednesday Jun 15, 2016 by Eric in News

IP Address Tracking added to Docking API

We’ve just added IP Address tracking to the Docking API. Once you have the script added to your website, your logged in visitors’ IP will pass thru to their contact record in Lead Zeppelin.

We’ve also linked the IP Address so you can obtain more information about it from a 3rd party website.


IP Address Tracking